DramaConsult auf ARTE

Nach zahlreichen Screenings auf internationalen Festivals läuft DramaConsult jetzt auf ARTE.
Termin: 21.02.2014 um 23:00 Uhr mehr infos
Danach ist der Film dann 7 Tage lang online in der ARTE+7 mediathek verfügbar.


Theatrical release and
cinema-tour in germany!
Start: 24.10.2013

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a film by Dorothee Wenner
DramaConsult has initiated an ethnographic expedition from Africa to Europe. The protagonists are real life businessmen from Lagos: A spare parts dealer, a real estate developer and a young shoe manufacturer with high-flying plans. Accompanied by two smart business consultants, the group travels to Germany to link up with potential partners and investors. The film tracks the process of economic intervention as an adventure trip in the era of globalization.